English Karl May Books, translated by Marlies Bugmann between 2004 and 2017, since May 2019 under copyright of Reinhard Marheinecke - Verlag Reinhard Marheinecke. The books are POD published via Amazon KDP, with an Amazon KDP ISBN. They were previously self-published by the translator via Lulu.com without ISBN.

All printed books are also available directly from Verlag Reinhard Marheinecke.

E-books (Kindle) are available from Amazon internationally, listed with the paperback. The listing order below follows that on the website of Verlag Reinhard Marheinecke. All links go to Amazon.com.

Schedule cross-referencing ISBN, Book Title, and Amazon listing:

Winnetou I ~ ISBN 978-1-07684-350-0 

Winnetou II ~ ISBN 978-1-07684-464-4

Winnetou III ~ ISBN 978-1-07684-948-9

Complete Winnetou Trilogy ~ ISBN 978-1-07780-606-1

Winnetou IV / Winnetou-Book 4 (e-book contains expanded chapter 8) ~ ISBN 978-1-07685-221-2

Old Surehand Book I ~ ISBN 978-1-07821-882-5

Old Surehand Book II ~ ISBN 978-1-07821-933-4

Old Surehand (2-volume paperback) ~ ISBN 978-1-07821-798-9

The Travels of Winnetou & Shatterhand (Satan & Jsharioth) ~ ISBN 978-1-07918-013-3

The Oil Baron ~ ISBN 978-1-07840-604-8

The Bear Hunter's Son ~ ISBN 978-1-07840-700-7

The Phantom of Llano Estacado ~ ISBN 978-1-07840-783-5

The Treasure In Silver-Lake (e-book does not contain extra text and research at the beginning) ~ ISBN 978-1-07685-339-4

Black Mustang ~ ISBN 978-1-07839-796-1

"Holy Night!" ~ ISBN 978-3-947403-13-4

The Inca's Legacy ~ ISBN 978-1-07826-295-8

From The Rio De La Plata To The Cordilleras Book 1 ~ ISBN 978-1-07825-807-4

From The Rio De La Plata To The Cordilleras (2-volume paperback) ~ ISBN 978-1-07826-444-0

Captured At Sea ~ ISBN 978-1-07905-022-6

Old Shatterhand Genesis ~ ISBN 978-1-07905-361-6

Josiah Gregg & The Story Of The 'Magic' Rifle (Research; no e-book) ~ ISBN 978-1-07942-333-4

Savage To Saint: The Karl May Story (Biography, research; no e-book) ~ ISBN 978-1-07985-721-4

Four Stories for Savage To Saint (E-book only; includes 4 stories; does not include biography and research)

The Rodriganda Romances: Dr Sternau's Odyssey on Three Continents (Waldroeschen) ~ ISBN  978-1-07919-922-2

Faraway Fables ~ ISBN 978-1-07941-952-8

The Joys & Agonies Of Being Karl May ~ ISBN 978-1-07942-110-6

Inn-Nu-Woh To Merhameh ~ ISBN 978-1-07943-097-4


Publications by Translator, from Lulu.com:

Free PDF download: Mysterious Mr Henry and his Henrystutzen (research about Karl May's fictional 'Henry Rifle')

My Karl May Art, full colour book: Old Shatterhand and Friends: Karl May Art 2004-2017 (2019)

Free PDF download: My Personal Log of Translating Karl May 2004-2017